Home Hardening

Maximize the Home Hardening Defense potential by completing all the wildfire mitigation efforts to prevent property damage from heat, flames and wildfire. Along with the Platypus Sprinkler & Controller it is crucial to include: defensible space, wildfire rated vents, gutter guards, roofs, windows, decks and other non-combustible materials.

The best wildfire protection for your home, building, property or asset is using a range or different fire protection methods.

Professional installation of the Platypus Sprinkler system ensures maximum home fire protection.

Water is sprayed not only onto the house roof keeping gutters wet but also it provides a curtain effect surrounding the building and ground. Installing home fire sprinklers on decking handrails, above gable ends and any other areas at risk of debris build up is also wise. Solar panels can also be an area where debris can build up, consider additional Platypus Sprinklers for these areas.

Availability of water during the wildfire season is normally limited. Our sprinkler is the sensible home fire protection solution because it minimizes water usage but maximizes the effect of water usage.
Unlike other home fire sprinklers on the market, tests clearly show water sprayed from the Platypus Sprinkler head is less wind affected because of water droplet size and the downward direction of water spray.

The total flow of sprinklers, hose reels etc need to be properly calculated with any static height, pipe friction and head loss through valves and fittings added to the required operating pressure of the sprinkler being used. Automatic start-up systems can also be added to allow for unmanned operation and protection of the asset.

Our Wildfire Protection sprinkler system is designed for maximum protection from wildfire attack on residential, commercial or public assets in the event of a fire.